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Football Consultancy

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After retiring as a player 16 years ago I have worked in many different departments in many different countries of the footballing world, enabling me to build up a network of worldwide contacts that I use for my various consultancies.  Not only has football evolved on the pitch, but off it with global interest in everything that English football has to offer. Recently my knowledge and experience have meant I have been asked by prospective buyers to introduce them to the Football Clubs most appropriate to their concerns and interest as well as finding myself on the other side where I am advising sellers on their transactions; with my experience in recruitment I have staffed and re-staffed Clubs with the right players, coaching staff, backroom staff, technical analysts, strength and conditioning coaches, commercial directors, CFO’s and CEO’s.


On a more individual level, I am currently advising players on contracts and giving them career advice; I work with clients to help them advertise their products through the world of football – liaising on global deals, sponsorship and marketing events.


Some of my proudest moments have been when I have been tasked to build the physical infrastructure of a club: From the major – working with architects on requirements for a new stadium to the more minor – pitch-care management and installation, even sorting out floodlight companies. It has been and continues to be a real pleasure to handle the project of building state of the art training facilities and Stadia. And to see them continue to flourish after my departure. The love I have for the clubs I have worked with, and continue to work with is a reflection of just how much I love the game, the world and the work of football.

To contact Tony please email or telephone:

T. 07717 827955

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